Teeth Extractions

While our goal is always to save your natural teeth, sometimes extractions are unavoidable. There are many reasons an extraction may be necessary including extra teeth, baby teeth that don’t fall out on their own, preparation for orthodontic treatment, severe infection, and wisdom teeth if they are decayed, cause pain or are impacted.

Before an extraction, we will take an X-ray to help plan the best way to remove the tooth. In order to keep you comfortable during the extraction, we will discuss the type of anesthesia suited to your specific needs. Be sure to have someone with you on the day of the procedure to drive you home.

There are two types of extractions: A simple extraction is used when you can see the tooth in your mouth. In a simple extraction, your tooth is loosened with an instrument called an elevator, then removed with forceps. A surgical extraction, on the other hand, is more complex. This is necessary if the tooth is broken off at the gumline or impacted. In these cases, the doctor will need to make a small incision in your gum in order to remove the tooth.

After your extraction, we will provide detailed instructions about what to expect, any follow-up instructions and any necessary medications for discomfort.

If you believe you may need an extraction, call our experienced team today at (516) 366-1486 to make an appointment.

Our Happy Patients

"He was very nice and so were the rest of the workers in the office. He definitely took the time to explain things to me and make me feel calm because I normally feel a lot of anxiety during dentist visits. I would definitely go back to him."

Iris J.

"As usual. For many years Dr. Elkowitz is the master of his trade. Insures my comfort & health is of the utmost importance. I feel safe & would recommend Dr. Elkowitz to everyone."

Charlotte L.

"Visiting the office of Dr. Elkowitz is a pleasure from start to finish - from the warm greeting by reception to the wonderful dental care from Dr. Elkowitz and his staff. Dr. Elkowitz spends time with you and puts you at ease before and during any procedure. I have never been uncomfortable or afraid in his office due to his kind and compassionate nature. I highly recommend this office."

Pauli W.
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